Lord Shiva Stories

Lord Shiva Stories

Lord Shiva Stories-

• Shivpuran the major incidents occurred on the night of Shiva’s life and work, this is because every night of Shiva Takes some Decision.
• Shiva and mythology, including Narada Purana, Shiva and Goddess Parvati other Puranas say that this pattern does not hold the world still remains desolated.
Blue is night and every day, but every day there is a date Phagun chaturdasi. chaturdasi of particular importance because of the waning Maharatri ordinary night but not because it is the night of Lord Shiva’s. It says the night of  lordShiva Maha Shivaratri.

According to several major events in the life of Mahadev Happen on Maha Shivratri night and this is because every night Mahadev decided to work in the night. Shiva was married to Parvati at the same night. So the union of nature and man, so it is also called the night of the night is called the beginning of creation.
Shiva says that the Holocaust during the day and night during pradosh Vella dance macabre pact and for the entire world in the long term is Yognidra sleep. But a mere orgy of Bholenath as many as you would have them from time to time they took to protect the Leelaswaroop creation.
Then Rudra became lord Shiva-

lord shiva

In mythology, Lord Shiva is said to unborn and indestructible. Shiva parents do not mention anywhere. But it also has come into the world, and it is of course somewhere.

Vishnu Purana is a legend in which it is known that experience on the subject of Brahma, Shiva generated. But Brahma, Shiva Tandav who brought them to a format that is not Shiva is known as Rudra.
In this context, the fiction is that Om Shiva as Brahma as the anatomy of your so called Brahma created a lovely lad. Born, the child began to cry and asked his name from Brahma. Brahma was sitting in the lap of God, the nature of your birth and that you have a voice, so you will be called Rudra. But the boy did not stop crying and the boy to silence Brahma Sharv other 7 names, expressions, furious, Bheem, Pashupati, draining and Mahadev.
Then Shiva became Nataraja-

Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra are the Lord of creation, the first dancer. Tripur after killing demon Shiva seem very happy and dancing with joy. Initially, they realize that she will dance their entire arms open arms so it will begin to shatter the universe compressed and dance, but slowly they seem to be engrossed in dancing Shiva such a thing does not seem to worsen the balance of conscious creation.
To protect creation, which then begin to dance with Parvati ‘Chorea’ is known as the dance of love and joy. Goddess Parvati and Shiva’s dance is the balance in the creation. And they cool. The dance of Shiva Gana Tandu macabre dance called it preached. 108 kinds of macabre dance expressions occur which are described separately.
Then  lord Shiva became Chief-

Devi Sati was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. The austerity of the Creator and blessed by Goddess Happy. Daughter was born I’ll take your house and bangs the wife of Shiva. But the Creator did not like it that Lord Shiva married Sati , Lord Shiva married to spite.
Prajapati was very unhappy about this and all the gods when he held them Mahayagna invited but did not invite Shiva. Mahadev Sati Devi and he felt bad about it and insisted on joining Mahayagna alone reached the house of the father efficient. Sati and Shiva Prajapati insulted in the plenum. This sad goddess Sati immolated in fire pit.

Angry to destruction until the horrible dance of Lord Shiva’s began. The macabre dance of Shiva. At the same time, one of Lord Shiva’s braided hair and slammed to the ground, breaking the destructive Virbhadra was born.
Then had to take the form of  lord Shiva Ardhanarishiva –

Shiva Purana, including Narada Purana, Shiva and Goddess Parvati other Puranas say that if the world still do not possess this outlook remains desolated. Ardhanarishiva nature concerning the narrative is given in the Puranas Brahma accordingly conclude the task of creation, including the creation, he saw that the pace of development is not made.

The animals, humans and insect-kite he has composed not increasing their number. Brahma was anxious to see it. Brahma approached Lord Vishnu for his concern. Brahma Vishnu worship Shiva told you and your anxiety will diagnose the no show.

Shiva, Brahma appeared and it introduced austerity Mathuni ordered creation. Brahma asked Shiva how sex would be created, please tell it. Mathuni to explain the mystery of creation, Brahma Shiva as the female half of his body revealed.
After they separated male and female portions. Brahma Brahma woman who was unable to appear at the request of the female image of Shiva or a Brahma composed and handed over to another woman. Ardhanarishiva format and then re-appeared as Shiva was full. Then Mathuni growth had accelerated since the creation of the world. Over time, the female image of Shiva and Parvati, daughter of Himalaya was born as the union of Shiva.
Quiet anger of Lord Narasimha-

Hiranyakashyap killed when the incarnation of Lord Vishnu Narishimvah were so angry at the whole world were devastating. Resulting from the nature of the Gods prayed Lord Shiva asked Virbhadra Narishimvah to calm the wrath of God. If they use of force to control them by force.
By order of the Chief Narishimvah Lord Shiva approached and began to try to calm before Request. But the chief minister did not agree Narishimvah Sharabh took the form of a bird. Srb Upanishads mention that to tame Narishimvah Garuda Virbhadra Singh and by holding a mixture of man appeared and called Sharabh.
Sharabh was lifted from her claws and beak Narishimvah felt the stab. Sharabh, hurt by the blows Narishimvah decided to discard his body and requested that their skin Shiva. Shiva accepts as your posture. Then Narishimvah Lord Vishnu and Shiva were found in the uptake of their skin and made his seat.
Shiva as did Hanuman-

Lord Hanuman is a Shvarup. Valmiki Ramayana Ram Charit Manas, from all that has been stated in the work to make a success of Lord Ram Shiva Krishna incarnation of Hanuman. In terms of incarnations, 19 incarnations of Lord Shiva. They are also a Hanuman.
Hanuman was the burning of the Ravan of Lanka. Avatar of Shiva kept in the mouth due to the sun. A jump in the ocean and Crossing were also Hanuman. Hanuman is said about it in the format that still inhabits the earth as the incarnation of Sri Ram, he had to serve.


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