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How To Do Shiva Pooja On Monday

We worship of shiva on Monday.On Monday we concentrate on  Pooja. On Monday We Need These Things Given Below.

This Pooja Start From Month Of Karthik.Karthik Start From (Mid November To Mid December) and on Shavan (Mid July to Mid August) In between These Month We worship on Monday For Lord Mahadev.
lord SHIV


Process of Worship-
1- Go To the Market and buy a new Shivling.
2- Take The Good Bath and Wear new Cloth or Good Clothes.
3- Mix All The 7 Things Which Are Given Above.
4- And Burn The Lamp in Front of Shivling.
5- And Offer Some Food And Fruit To Shivling.
6- Chant This Mantra Om Namah Shivay or Mahamritujaya Mantra At The Time Of Worship.
7- You Have Also Rudraksha For Worship.

Pooja of Lord mahadev is of great importance. Lord Shiva worshiped by giving a lottery water.So let us tell you that in every way Lord Rama worshiped Lord mahadev  every day. In the worship of Lord Bholenath.Do it. In the household life, worship of Lord Shiva’s Parad idol is best said. White or rhinestone.Now take a bath to Lord Shiva. Bath before bathing again with water and then take bath with water.Now wear clothes to God. Wearing jewelery after yarn and yagnaopvat (Janeu). Now wear an ensemble


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