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Angry Shiva

Angry Shiva

Angry Shiva-Earth Creation By Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are all aware about the role. Brahma, the creator of the world, Vishnu and Mahesh ie Palnhrta Shiva is known as the destroyer of worlds. If talk of Shiva, the Destroyer of being the creation of the world, the world is not ending. Whenever there is an increase of sin on earth, ie, the destruction of all life on Earth by Lord Shiva once again to open the way for the creation of new worlds.


Angry Lord Siva

Do the same thing if devotees of Lord Shiva, Shiva’s devotees are detached from the world’s natural Maya. Notably, these are worn by Shiva each have a sense of devotion to icons. The Shiva to be used by a mysterious story behind each symbol is hidden. You will also have noticed that the worship of Shiva is also used in the ashes or cinders. Ash Shivbkt their tilak as well as take. But do you know the significance behind it. In fact ‘shivpuran’ a legend joins the Sambaad.

Satti in the fire, according to which he had devoted himself to the Lord, having received the message of his death, anger and mourning lost his composure. He took his wife’s dead body moves back and forth, sometimes in the sky, sometimes on earth. Shri hari the grief and agitated behavior when Shiva saw this, he tried to remove a solution soon. Finally, he touched the dead body of the wife of Lord Shiva consumed the body turned. Seeing Shiva consumed only in the hands of his wife and also became Citint, they thought they had lost forever his wife.
Separated from his wife were able to tolerate the pain of the Shiva, but in their hands at that time was nothing but ash. He therefore considered the ultimate sign of his wife that consumed his body took on so sati through ash particles remain with them always. On the other hand, according to another legend, Lord Shiva Sadhus had real meaning in life, according to which the world and the world is the ultimate ash or cinders. Maya and all the natural physical attraction can be found to rise above the salvation.

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